Lr-puae minor quibbles - any suggestions?

On Retropie, lr-puae comes as close as I’ve ever seen on a SBC to the perfect Amiga experience, particularly with 50Hz PAL output. Kudos to everyone who has contributed to the core!

It’s capable of doing considerably more than what’s advertised on the tin with use of UAE files, including native A600/1200/4000 IDE controller emulation (yay HDTooBox), 32-bit Amiga RAM and virtual (native) filesystems. Beautiful! I now enjoy a ‘perfect’ A4000 full desktop experience in addition to WHDLoad gaming.

Unfortunately, when it comes to floppy handling, that’s a bit…spottier. uaectrl and UAE-Control (GUI) seem not to be able to quit the emulator core (no real surprise there) nor manage the floppies virtual drives (which was a bit more shocking).

In fact, the only way I’ve managed to get floppies working somewhat normally at all is incredibly hokey:

  • Have a dummy ADF mounted in my UAE file in drive 0
  • Start the core and DISMOUNT the dummy disk so it doesn’t pollute the desktop
  • When I need to actually interact with a floppy, I copy over the dummy ADF with the real one (on Retropie via ssh) and then “diskchange df0:” from the Amiga side to see it (which also means it MUST be uncompressed ADF only…no ADZ, no DMS, no IPF)
  • When I’m done, I put the dummy image back

Ugh! :slight_smile: Has anyone identified a better way? Yes, I realize libretro cores aren’t meant to be (ab)used this way, but it’s so close LOL

Secondly, on a Pi 400, there’s no right meta/super key…is there any means in Retropie/libretro to remap one key to another a la XKBOPTIONS from Ubuntu, so I can map right control to right Amiga for more authentic three-finger salutes? =)

Also, there are two features from UAE that I sorely miss in PUAE that I was wondering if there was any intent to ever bring them over (granted, they are of limited benefit in gaming, but awesome for desktop use:

  • uaegfx/RTG via Picasso96
  • JIT

Even with the limitations and missing features, use of PUAE as an Amiga desktop is still VERY compelling as-is and a real blast to use - thanks again to everyone who helped make it possible!

Doesn’t retropie have a menu for ejecting and inserting disks? In RetroArch, you activate the quick menu and go to “Disc Control.” Then you “Load New Disc”, browse to the ADF file and select it. Finally, you select “Insert Disc.”

M3U file listing disks worked for me in the past:

IPF is supported as well, you just need to put the in the right place:

It does indeed…but in early testing, it would eject my hard drive (!) LOL

With my current setup, it works exactly as expected…I start with an empty DF0:, and can load/insert and eject as needed without issue.

Thank you for having me retest! :wink: