Ludo frontend availability for Lakka?


So…it looks kind of cool. I’m interested in adding it to my x86-64 machine’s frontend. Any news on its availability? I see it’s available for download on other platforms. Any way I can compile or add to my current Lakka build?


Ludo is its own thing. That is, it’s not a menu for RetroArch, but rather a completely separate libretro frontend. Lakka is tightly integrated with RetroArch, so it wouldn’t really work to have Ludo in its place currently.


So I would flash it to my x86-64 hardware like I would with a Lakka installation?


No, it’s just a regular program. You would run it inside a normal Windows/Linux installation.


Thanks hunter! :slight_smile:


Seems like Kivutar is working on this


Yep, LudOS will be to Ludo what Lakka is to RetroArch.

None of these are really ready to be used however. You will have to be patient or are for becoming a tester on our Discord, but it’s not yet the time to publish images on the forums.