Ludo frontend availability?

So…it looks kind of cool. I’m interested in adding it to my x86-64 machine’s frontend. Any news on its availability? I see it’s available for download on other platforms. Any way I can compile or add to my current Lakka build?

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Ludo is its own thing. That is, it’s not a menu for RetroArch, but rather a completely separate libretro frontend. Lakka is tightly integrated with RetroArch, so it wouldn’t really work to have Ludo in its place currently.

So I would flash it to my x86-64 hardware like I would with a Lakka installation?

No, it’s just a regular program. You would run it inside a normal Windows/Linux installation.

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Thanks hunter! :slight_smile:

Seems like Kivutar is working on this

Yep, LudOS will be to Ludo what Lakka is to RetroArch.

None of these are really ready to be used however. You will have to be patient or are for becoming a tester on our Discord, but it’s not yet the time to publish images on the forums.


Anyone have a link or details on this Ludo Windows/Linux program?

I can’t find any informatino googling it… like a mystic ghost, I see the GitHub repo that indeed is being managed by Kivutar.

“Yep, LudOS will be to Ludo what Lakka is to RetroArch.”

Like what does that even mean… I know Lakka is a loader/wrapper for retroarch… but what is Ludo and LudOS?!



Its so new there is very lil info on da webs.

It’s another libretro frontend. As such, it has a different interface and featureset from RetroArch, but it can load the same libretro cores.

No informations are available because these projects are unfinished and in the current state providing support for them would just be stressful!

When a version 1.0 is released, there will be an official announcement :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work Kiv!

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It would be awesome if LUDO gets a better way of scanning roms so they can be categorized and scanned easier like RecalBox and Retropie. I really miss that not being in LAKKA, but I love the streamlined interface that LAKKA and LUDO bring to the table for low profile setups. Looking forward to the project really getting off the ground. You never know…could be the next retroarch default frontend.

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Can you explain a little bit about the better scanning?

Hi everyone,

I don’t mean to answer this question for @coin_tengoku, But here is my thoughts,

The way Lakka / retroarch “scanning” is based on a limited database, it checks the actual file see if it match what’s in the database. while it is good for playlist like MAME, where the name of the file much be the way they are, and you can hardly understand what it means. And it is good for double check see if the files is actually good file/ dump, good for more picky core like Beetle cores.

The problem is, the database isn’t perfect, and the scanning system cannot read all files that’s support by the core, for example .cso file simply ignore by the scanner (not sure this is still true on Lakka 2.2), But the point, not all functional file will get scanned and added to playlist.

On the other hand, retropie / RecalBox simply put all the file it found on game list then “Scaper” all the related metadata from thegamesdb. This is good if you got a very good self organized collection (assuming you name everything correctly and you know for sure which games is for which system). and if you got a lot of homebrew / hack, that isn’t in any datebase.

Personally I like both way of thinking, One check your file, and make sure it is actually good, which is extremely help for people who got a huge collection, the other is more customizable, but you need to know what you are doing. Having the option is the key I think.

The new window UI from retroarch supported draft and drop too, which is much easier to create custom playlist on the fly. But I think that’s only avaliable if you are using retroarch on top of an typical OS like Desktop Linux / Mac OS / Windows. Not sure if that is supported direct through Lakka.

Also maybe it is worth a mention here, that if Lakka can support external executable, like RetroPi did, that would be great. That means you can add your standalone emulator module on the system interface. (maybe Ludo can?) Like PCSX2 for example, which may very likely never gain support from RetroArch directly due to its unique software structure. But how annoying it would be if you can run all the system on Lakka, except for one very popular one? And of course this would require the capability to custom playlist / settings as well.

There is now a preview version of LudOS released there:


Cool! Looking forward to checking it out.

Wow no way. That’s cool. Does it work the same as lakka to put roms on it?

I’ll try it this week though

It works exactly the same.

To bad i can’t try it. Same problem on my laptop as lakka. Stuck on black screen. Something with xorg.


Sorry for totally missing your question. I think it would be best moving forward with Lakka and Ludo that a scan for roms be the job of the user. What I mean by this is let the User point the core to its rom directory and the user be responsible for naming the rom and making sure it is compatible with that core. All Lakka or Ludo would do is create a playlist based on the name of the rom so in theory the NoIntro romsets would already be named and scan quickly. This would eliminate the burden of the Libretro team to create and maintain all databases. Would probably still need a mame and finalburn databse though because of the rom names being in shorthand. Just an idea. :wink: Still love the projects and the team members for putting their time and effort into the projects.