M3u not working in flycast

hi, i played shenmue 2 until the end of disc 1. when it says to change discs, it just sits on the change disc screen and doesnt load. any help is appreciated. thank you.

Eject the disc, then make the game run a few seconds so it detects it. Then insert the next disc.

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I tried with skies of arcadia as well, it shows everything is working when i eject disc 1 and insert disc 2 but then it boots back to bios. using gdi’s with bin files.

Yes, I did a test with Skies of Arcadia and there’s a problem when changing disk. Same with Shenmue and Shenmue II.

Thanks for the fast replies, I just figured I’d let you know that the switching wasnt working. I just booted directly from the second discs to continue playing.