M3u Support for Cores


I recently started setting up my multidisc systems so that I can play many of the larger games that I enjoy. I setup PS1 and multidisc swapping is working great. I was curious if there was any plans to implement hot swapping for systems like, Saturn (mednafen_saturn), Sega CD (genesis_plus_gx), and 3DO (4do).

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I think beetle-saturn already supports m3u…? I know there’s an issue open to add it to 3DO but I don’t recall if there’s been any movement on it.


Mind helping me getting it working? I set it up the same was as PS1. To test it I start a game’s disc 2. The game asks for disc 1, and I hit numpad - to open the disc swap menu. When I select disc 1 the screen flashes a few times and then goes to the Saturn dashboard. It appears that the disc loads and when I click on the disc icon in the upper left of the Saturn dashboard it boots the disc but it is still disc 2.

I am using RocketLauncher and for PS1 the m3u gets manually created. I do not know if that is a core thing or not. Anyhow, the m3u wasn’t being generated for Saturn so I manually created one.


Does that work for PS1? My understanding is that you can’t start from disk 2, you need to load your m3u to the Saturn core instead. That should start you at Disk 1 and then you can swap to whatever disk.

If you want to try starting with disk 2, you can manually edit the m3u to put disk 2 first to see if that functions as you’d expect.


For SEGACD support on genesisplusgx core, I read sometime ago the dev said it would require hugue changes to the core and how it processes the game loading to implement it, and there were no plans to do it anytome soon.

In the meanwhile, for platforms with games with more than one disc where there is no support for m3u, I use this workaround (it should work for any core): 1-I setup a specific RA config file for the game (one config file for every disk) and I make an override on that config file related to the path of the playlists, I specify a different path for playlists dir. 2-Then I create that folder and create inside it a pls file with the info for those disks on that game. 3-Then you can load the game in RA (first disk), go to RA menu, and on the right you will see the playlist with the 2 game disks, you can load the second disk when needed. It will obviously restart the core, so it’s like launching the 2nd disk directly, but it is a confortable way of switching disks if the restart of the emulated system is not an issue. 4-For RocketLauncher implementation, you should point to your first disk directly.

The saturn core supports m3u disc swapping just like the psx core, so ypur problem on that case must be a configuration problem from your side. I suggest you to review and edit manually the m3u and check the names of the discs files.



With the help of a member on the RocketLauncher forum I got Saturn to boot properly. RocketLauncher creates the m3u files upon launching the game but it wouldn’t for Saturn until a single word of code was added to the module. It boots games fine. Mr. Bones wasn’t properly switch or creating the m3u for that matter. It turns out that the “.” in the title was screwing something up. After removing that the m3u is properly created, and the game switches properly. It’s interesting that “&” “-” and “( )” in game titles don’t screw it up the but period did. I would report this issue but I wouldn’t even know where to begin since it’s a mednafen core, in RA, using RL. haha