Mame 0.161 (Mame 2015) core for android


Could this version of mame be compiled for android? The one that exists as Mame 2015 is the 0.160 one. Mame 0.161 is the first release that supports Dodonpachi Daiffukatsu Black Label and i’m thinking it could be compiled with no problems (at least i hope). Also could we see a return of Mame 2014 core (i think it was 0.153 or arround that mame version) for android also? It was noticeably faster for smartphones.

Thanks so much!

I don’t think anyone has the will to make more MAME-derived cores. In fact, we frequently discuss cutting down…

Oh, i understand. Sorry for asking :hugs:

Then regarding the Mame2014 core. This was the absolute perfect core for android devices in terms of many games including he famous Cave cv1000 shmups, because:

  1. It had noticeably lower requirements in terms of CPU.
  2. It had built in machine CPU underclock (overclock) which is vital to playing many of these clasics properly.

Could you please make Mame 2014 core available again for download?

Thanks hunter!

I think the 2015 core is just the 2014 one with the name changed… That is, someone (@markwkidd, perhaps?) noticed that it was actually based on a later version than it claimed (IIRC), so the name change was just to reflect that, but it should be otherwise unchanged AFAIK

Thanks for the fast reply man. I swear you and the libretro team are the most helpful and patient people on the internet :blush:

I thought so too, but it’s not. It’s based on 0.160 mame, which was a noticeable jump in requirements from 0.15X, and it lacks the vital CPU clock control. The Mame2014 was based on 0.157 or 0.159, i can not say 100%…i think it was a january 2015 build, and it was the only Mame core for android that had the CPU clock menu.

I’m not exagerrating when i say that for mobiles, Mame2014 was the best possible core and made some previously unplayable games, full speed on the new smartphone hardware.

Thanks again, hopefuly the core is still available…fingers crossed!

Anyone got this core I can download?

There is no 0.161 core, only the 0.160 one (and the new ones, though slower). But, in case anyone is interested, i made both Daiffukatsu Black Label and Akai Katana work flawlessly in the fast Mame2014 core :wink: