Mame 0.225 (Mame - Current) android 64bit device

Hi, i’m looking to run the latest mame on my huawei p30 pro with retroarch and find it on github but its armv7 and my mobile is 64bit how to get it to work? I get “Failed to open libretro core” when i try to launch content with the armv7 mame.


sideload the 32-bit RetroArch apk and then you can use that core.

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Thanks. It’s OK with 32bit version but other cores like ppsspp need 64 bit. 2 retroarch on my mobile !!! There is no 64 mame version on android ? Or can you compile it for me if possible. Please.

I dont want to have 2 retroarch on my phone. If not possible i go use fbneo for my arcade games on my phone.

not possible currently. FBNeo is a good alternative.

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Thanks. I go associate with fbneo.