Mame 0.247 core file

Hey there is there a way to get this core version somewhere?

I tried to downgrade Retroarch but none of the versions have this core version… Really need this one and then I will lock it this time…

How come you need this specific version?

Anyway, i’m still using it since i haven’t updated it so here it is:

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Thank you so much!!!

Basically I spent countless hours tailoring the romset, getting images etc… for this version, and I am still really confused on how to update it correctly that I was looking to remain at this version for a long time.


See if this helps:


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In the stable versions of Builtbot you can get the previous versions of a core. They are in a compressed file called “RetroArch_cores.7z”, you have to go back through the versions, download it and try it, until you find the one you are looking for.

For MAME I really recommend you to search the internet for the current set, even if it is difficult to find, it is more difficult to get the sources for the new roms.

You have to be careful with the tutorial shared by @c9f5fdda06, creating a “non-merge” set to scan the hashes, is to go from 60Gb to 150Gb and last all night scanning.

One more thing, you are not going to have problems using core 0.249 with set 0.247, they have changed 4 or 5 clone roms out of the 16000.

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Another solution is… don’t update.

0.247 is very recent. The fixes since that version are minor. Most notable are a speech sample fix in Berzerk and some Macintosh stuff. I’m sure he’s not going to miss those. Or the ones after that. And the ones after.

Unless there’s a major fix like, dunno, Sega Model 2 or Model 3 games being fully playable, of an important fix to the core itself (like the input lag fix in the 0.239 core IIRC) he should be fine with 0.249 for quite a while. It’s not like he is using mame2003 or anything :crazy_face:. Personally, i update every 10 versions or so, unless there’s a major fix in between.

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Thanks all for the info/suggestions, I guess I’ll just leave it as is for now and update once I feel like it is actually worth the effort.