MAME Artwork Updates

Mr. Do’s Arcade

I haven’t done much self promotion over on this side of the internet, so after 14 years, I figured it was about time. I’ll keep this thread ongoing for all future MAME Artwork updates; link to the main site is above.

2020’s almost done, so I guess it’s time for a new MAME Artwork update. 173 new or updated games in this release.

We’ve got fresh new faces helping with the cleanup of artwork, and a newly overhauled artwork system in MAME, thanks to Vas Crabb and the rest of MAMEDev. Special thanks to @ArsInvictus, Mr. Retrolust, @PapaShine, @Dreamstate, and @Orionsangel for contributions in this update.

I made sure to include lots of different examples of how the new artwork system works in this update; there is an extensive writeup over on the MAMEDev website today. I’ll be updating related pages on my site hopefully before the year is over.

Pretty sure this is the largest update on the site in years, if ever, so head on over to the main page and check out all the new artwork.


Thanks for the call out and all the tremendous work you put into this release @mrdo! And hey, we can add this to the small list of good things that happened in 2020! :smiley: