MAME, Configuring directories

I can not find a way to place the directories in the ui.ini file

In this way it works with the native mame. $HOME/.mame/flyers In Retroch it does not serve, neither by placing the full directory.

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I don’t know what the purpose would be but the proper file to add the path to would be “/retroarch/system/mame/ini/mame.ini” after enabling the read config option in the core.

The same file the standalone mame uses. :wink:

You would know better than I the equivalent path for Linux.

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It is what it shows the core information.

I thought, as I have Snaps and Flyers, use them and it does not take so long to download the thumbnails. They are also complete.

I think I’m understanding, you can not use Snaps (from the game) and Flyers. :roll_eyes:


The only thing I see there is a reference to “ARTWORK” and that is a reference to MAME layout files. What Retroarch calls Overlays.

What is your goal?

Retroarch can use any graphic as a playlist thumbnail, if it is named correctly, but it can only display one image at a time.

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I wanted to use the Snaps and Flyer as miniatures, but I see that you can not, I have to use the download. I prefer to update online to change the name of the thousands of ROMs.

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Technically you could use the snaps or flyers but the names would have to conform to the Retroarch database names. It may be as easy as creating the folder structure “thumbnails/MAME/Named_Snaps/” (“MAME” would need to be changed if your playlist had a different name.) and putting all the Snaps from MAME extras in that folder. (Unless RA uses the “description” field from the database, but I think not.)

I don’t use playlists, since I don’t use RA as a frontend, so I am not sure I can be much more help to you. It does seem like the easiest choice would be to let RA download thumbnails for you.

Good luck. :grin:

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Yes, where and how are the miniatures saved in RetroArch. The problem is that it handles different names, Mame is the diminutive “sf2.png”, RetroArch is the full name “Street Fighter II_ The World Warrior (World 910522) .png”.

Changing this manually is not impossible, they are more than 42 thousand Snaps and more than 5 thousand Flyers (I have the full set).

I wanted to use Snaps and Mame Flyer as retroarch miniatures, because they are complete, but, you can not. :expressionless: