MAME (Current) and External DAT View

Hi! I’m trying to enable the “External DAT View” option in MAME (current) core, primarily to have history and commands in in-game menu. I’ve followed this guide to the letter, but with no luck. I don’t even know if I have to use history.xml or the old history.dat. In any case, I tried both, amongst all other steps described in the guide.

I have vanilla mame 0.244 and using it I can see the option in menu. The core that I’m using in RetroArch is MAME (current), blocked - so it matches v0.244. I’m on Windows 10 x64 and I’m using Retroarch (latest version 1.10.3).

My question is: how should I organize files in system\mame directory to have history and command, and MAME info, as I have in vanilla MAME? Because the aforementioned guide does not work at all with recent MAME core. Is even the libretro core capable of that feature? I would like to get some info on this, and possibly a clear explanation of how organize files and folders in system\mame directory. I only get cheats to work, at the moment.

Thanks in advance!

Hi AlphaUMi,

my guide is now outdated. I’m not sure, but if i remember correctly there where several changes in mame 0.237
I didn’t had the time to look into this changes.
Maybe someone else know how to fix this in current libretro mame.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Imno TapLumber!!! Thanks for your answer. You wrote an excellent guide, but, as you said, something has changed in mame. It’s not to be excluded that the feature has been completely pulled out from libretro core! I’ve experimented a lot, but with no success. If you would like to investigate, if you are willing and have time, it would be great!

Cheers, AlphaUMi