MAME - Current, isn't current?

I’m just curious about the update frequency of MAME - Current.

I finally managed to figure out romsets and got the latest 0.245, CHDs and all (1TB for those wondering, yeesh lol) Anyway, I’ve tried updating my installed cores the last few days and I’m still getting 0.251.

Mame still confuses me, so I don’t know how much that matters in the long run, but I don’t see myself updating for a long while so I was hoping to have a “snapshot” so to speak of 0.254 I can just make a backup of.

So I’m just wondering if it’s just behind on updates (understandable) or if the current core only updates if there’s a significant change upstream, or however it works.


It updates whenever someone does the work to update it. Sometimes that happens quickly, sometimes not. This time is longer than usual for some reason.

There won’t be a ton of difference between a 0.254 set and 0.251. The NeoGeo Hyper 64 support is the only “major” difference that I know of (luckily, that system is awful).


Ahhh ok, that makes sense. Thanks! I didn’t know Hyper Geo Geo 64 support was added, that’s pretty cool, even if it’s bad lol.

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A fact, of those 930GB that occupy the CHDs, only 200GB work, the ones that are not playable. :rofl:

(P.S.: and about 40GB are clones)

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That core has no active maintainer, so version bumps and bugfixes only happen whenever someone feels like contributing.

Hi. I am running mame 2016 in Retropie and cannot accelerate the car in any Winning Run namco arcade series games. I have an Xbox one controller and am just wondering if someone can share with me or tell me how they remapped their controller on input/analog config in mame to make these games work for them?

A mamedev replied:


“If you’re using RetroArch, there’s an annoying, confusing two-level system where you need to assign controls to the “RetroPads” and then assign those to inputs in MAME. We aren’t interested in dealing with it. Go to the RetroArch people for help.”

MAME2016 is MAME 0.174, that version is too old to emulate that game properly, you’ll need MAME current. You are missing those 2 seemingly important fixes :

  • 0.182: Angelo Salese hooked up Namco C148 to Winning Run GPU. Fixed POSIRQ line, POS interrupt generation and trail tachometer drawing in Winning Run.
  • 0.180: Remap controls to use pedals and paddles for Winning Run [Logan B]. Added vertical 2-way Joystick, Paddle and Pedal.


This is why the documentation is recommending you to not seek help from the MAME team. You should read it.

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That was a surprisingly cordial response from them :smiley:

They don’t support MAME through RetroArch at all, let alone the older snapshot-forks, which is all very reasonable, FWIW.


Thank You. I supposed there isn’t a post mame 2016 retropie release that supports mame 0.182? Be well! - D

What does mean a “post mame 2016 retropie release” ? Retropie doesn’t release anything, it’s simply a script to install emulators from various sources, including retroarch and its libretro cores.

As i said, you’ll need the current version of MAME (which obviously includes the fixes from prior versions of MAME), and i highly recommend you read the documentation i linked above since you seem a bit confused about arcade emulation.