MAME Force Feedback plugin support in RetroArch?

I’m setting up a racing cab right now and I have been trying to figure out how to enable force feedback in some of the MAME titles like Rush. There is a plugin for MAME available, but it requires that you drop the files into a MAME install directory and configure it there, which I don’t think would work with the RetroArch cores?

This is the plugin I am looking into:

Does anyone have any guidance on how to get this to work? I’d much prefer to use @HyperspaceMadness’s shader with these games but I’d also miss not having force feedback.


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You could probably use WindowCast to grab the output of the standalone mame and push it through the shader pipeline.

@Duimon might have some idea of the plugin thing.

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Yeah, MAME games (All games actually.) have to be hardcoded in work, I would be very surprised if the RA core dll gave the same output as the standalone dll, but maybe.

I think getting it to work would involve using the mame ini files. I’ll see what I can figure out.

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Thanks @Duimon, if you have any updates on it let me know!

If I had to choose force feedback vs the shader I’d probably take the shader, I spent a ton of time getting these games looking amazing and it just doesn’t look right in the cab without the reflective bezel effects. But I’d love to have FFB too! I can mess around with WindowCast as another option later, but I think it would introduce some latency

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WindowCast currently introduces 1 frame of latency which seems to be unnoticeable to the people who have tested it thus far.

@IHQMD has been working on methods to remove even this latency by not having to copy the image and use it more directly, but that’s still being developed.


Yeah 1 frame won’t be noticeable for me, not in a driving game for sure, so I can give that approach a shot, thank you!