MAME input key controls in Android

Hi everybody!

I’m using retroarch on android and the MAME current core.

Now I want to open the MAME menu which is TAB key on PC. I also want to open the F2 menu for some games.

I don’t have a wireless keyboard on android and the on-screen keyboard doesn’t appear in retroarch. So I can’t press any buttons.

How to enter TAB and F2 keys in android using the on-screen controller buttons of retroarch?

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I made an overlay that includes the TAB key and enter, at least, here: Touch overlay with both keyboard and arcade stick

With the standard gamepad overlays, just hold down select and triangle while the game is running. The rest of the menus can be set up in the core options at the bottom of the menu while mame is running.

Same question I have for Mame139 please tell me how to bring up TAB menu of we don’t have keyboard supported