MAME Rom Pack to use on Reicast


I tried some old 0.187 Mame Roms and they did not work.

So do I need up to date Mame Roms to have them work?


I believe it’s the newest set, yes.


While it’s generally a good idea to keep your romset updated, i doubt this is your issue here (i could run 0.176 mame roms without issues), most likely you are lacking one of the following :

  • proper, awbios,zip, etc… bioses in your system/dc folder
  • if you are running naomi mame gdrom, make sure you are launching the zip file, not the chd file (which needs to be present in a subfolder by the name of the zip file)
  • make sure your reicast is up to date
  • make sure you are not trying to run an unsupported system, like the naomi2

If the previous recommendations don’t work, be more precise about your issue, saying “it doesn’t work” is not really a good way to ask for help.


The NAOMI Files are either in .dat , .bin, or if it is the correct Build, use the MAME Rom. Latest Build’s Capcom vs. SNK will work perfectly. Rest are available if you search for them.

These will NOT run:

NeoGeo Battle Coliseum, Samurai Showdown VI

But MvC2, CapvSNK 1/2, Mslug6, sfz3upper work perfectly. Can even get Cheats for them as well.


Seems like the OP is already aware of that and using MAME 0.187 roms.

The MAME roms are definitely working flawlessly for me (as long as i don’t force extra-depth scaling which is causing some minor gfx issues), you might have bad rom/bios.


EDITED: don’t talk about ROM sites. We expect you to dump your own ROMs. For the purpose of communicating ROMset versions you can tell us whether your self-dumped ROM matches the hashes from the, e.g. MAME 0.204 set.

Sorry about that. I won’t mention Roms Sites here. Just say what Version the Roms Sets are from