Mame2003-plus Controls HELP

Ok so I was trying to fine tune some controls and accidentally changed the “Pedal Auto Release” value… except it won’t except a “y” or “n” value!!!

To make things worse this was done in the Input (all games) section. Now all my racing games are messed up. How can I get this back to default?

There should be a mame.ini created somewhere (saves directory/mame2003, maybe?) where you can delete it to reset your MAME OSD options or open it with a text editor to correct small problems like this one.

There is no mame.ini anywhere in the RA directory.

I am not new to computers or mame, this stuff should be easy! Or at least well documented. Like everywhere on the internet says when configuring these games F2 will enter service mode. Even though the “Service Mode” seems to be assigned the F2 key in the config, F2 just saves a save state in RA, you MUST re-assign it to an actual button on the gamepad to be able to access it.

Got any other ideas about where this info is stored?

EDIT: actually those docs are for non-plus mame2003, but most of it should be the same. Anyway, here’s the 2003-plus doc:

As for F2, if you hit ‘scroll lock’ it will do “game focus mode”, which pushes all inputs directly to the core until you hit it again. That’s useful for bypassing RetroArch’s own hotkey assignments.

Thanks, info on Scroll Lock will come in handy.

I have read that page already. I used it to build the set. It says a lot about controls but unfortunately does not mention where these values are stored or how to restore them to defaults.

on my system, it’s made a mame2003-plus directory in my ROM directory and in there is a cfg dir that has a default.cfg and a gamename.cfg. EDIT: that’s because I had my ‘saves’ dir set to ‘content dir’. When I put it to a specific location, it creates the mame2003-plus/ file structure as described in the docs, and in there lies the default.cfg and gamename.cfg.

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Thank you!

Deleting default.cfg did the trick.

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Pretty horrible nothing is mentioned about file location the docs are just a bunch of pictures of arcade sticks:

It’s not possible to reset any input settings from the Tab menu like for normal MAME core so once you make mistake you’re fucked and need to search internet for this thread