MAME2010 hi score saves

So I am using mame2003 on my raspberry pi 3 bartop and retropie for mame to save hi scores. But mame2003 dose not run all my games so I need mame2010 to run a lot of my games. How do I get mame2010 to save my hi scores? I know it’s built in to mame2003 and mame2003 plus.

mame2010 is easy: the same as mame2003 and mame2003-plus.

Download the hiscore.dat from here:
and put in in your /system/mame2010/ folder.
Now everything should work.

Only mame2015 and mame2016 gives me some headache.
2015 doesn’t generate folders automatically and 2016 should work with the lua plugins, but gives me lua errors about not finding some *.dll's

So did you get mame 2015 to save high scores?

How do i download the high score dat? It’s not giving me a download option.

Right-click on Raw and then Save as...

Thanks but I would also like to use mame 2015 for some games so I was wondering how to save high scores in mame2015

Sorry, i have only experience in mame(current) and mame2003/2003-plus

Can you name 1 game for example that you want to play on mame2015? Only for testing purpose.