MamePlaylistBuilder - cross-platform playlist builder for MAME roms

Launch, select your MAME Rom folder, and enjoy your newly generated playlist.

Why would I use this over RetroArch Playlist Buddy ?

This application is written in Java. That means you can run it on a desktop Linux, or a Raspberry Pi. Plus it’s pretty fast (can process 11 322 roms in less than a second), and simpler than RetroArch Playlist Buddy.

Can I use it for other platform such as Atari 2600, or Nintendo 64 ? No, and you don’t need to, as the Scan function of retroarch works well for those platforms.

Will it generate thumbnails ? No. Use retroarch playlist buddy for that.


Nice! I wish I had written Playlist Buddy in Java so it would be available cross-platform.

does this support DAT or retroarch’s naming scheme

The program does not natively support DAT files, you have to convert them to a file first.

To do that, launch the application with the parameter “buildNameDB”, select your DAT file, and wait 30-40 seconds; You should get a notification when the process is finished. You just generated a “”.

Open the jar archive (with 7zip or winrar) and replace the “” that is inside with the one you just generated.

You can now launch again the application and it will use the DAT that you generated.