Managing controller remap files - how? DOSBox PURE

I’m trying to play Quake in Dosbox, with the soundtrack, and with a correct auto-mapping for the controller, and it’s a bit annoying.

I have one version of Quake that loads a correct controller profile, but no soundtrack.

The other version of Quake has the soundtrack, but no controller profile is detected.

I’m sure there’s some arcane way to hack together these two versions, but it’s not anything I want to attempt.

So, is there a way to save the controller mapping from one version and force it to load on the other?

Under quick menu I’m looking at controls -> manage remap files. I tried launching the version of Quake with the soundtrack and then applying the controller profile from the other version, but it didn’t seem to do anything.

Edit: I tried copying the remap file I want to use and renaming it to match the version of the game I want to play. It loads the remap file automatically on launch but the button mappings aren’t carrying over :confused:

It’s the detected automatic key mapping that isn’t carrying over. Where are the automatic mappings buried?

I don’t understand what you mean by “Quake with the soundtrack and but no soundtrack”.

For some special reason you don’t use DOSBox PURE?

I have two versions of Quake:

  1. Has the soundtrack, but doesn’t load the auto-detected key mappings for Quake

  2. Doesn’t have the soundtrack, but DOES auto-load the key mappings for Quake

I’m using DOSBox Pure.

Edit: I can now add a third version to the mix, which also has the soundtrack but DOSbox doesn’t detect the key mappings for it

Yes, I understand this…
I don’t know what you mean by soundtrack.

It should, if it’s not because you have some copy too hacked and it doesn’t recognize it, anyway you can manually assign the keys.

Quake had a CD soundtrack. Getting it to work is not trivial in DOSbox, apparently

Not really, because without the auto-detected key mapping for Quake I cannot assign the joystick axis to e.g., keyboard up/down or keyboard left/right, as the option is only available under the Quake-specific automatic mapping :confused:

There is a lot of stuff here that is not available under the generic keyboard mappings:

Okay well I just solved the problem by downloading another (4th version) of Quake, lol.

“Quake (USA)” worked, on a certain archive found on the internet.

If you don’t understand the concepts, it is difficult to understand you. :man_shrugging:

If you use the PURE core, mention the name, it is handled differently than DOSBox.

Games don’t have soundtrack, that’s another thing. :joy:

Quake does not have a version without music on “Audio CD”. Those are pirated versions. It is “Shareware with registration”, be careful with the version you get because it doesn’t let you play the music.

The Redump image is CUE + Multiples BIN format, DOSBox is not compatible with this format and you have to convert it to single BIN. Beware of this, it happens in every game. :eye:

I don’t know if you are asking for help or coming to teach. :roll_eyes:

The automatic mapping is done based on the manual configuration. You can do everything with “Custom Keyboard”, you can also select any custom or one with mouse win such, to start testing.

By the way, I adjusted the name and changed the category to a more appropriate one. It is necessary to have order for new users to have better availability of the help offered here.
Sorry for the inconvenience, I appreciate your understanding.

This might be a regional thing. In the USA it’s pretty common to refer to the in-game music as the “soundtrack”

Just google “Quake DOSbox Soundtrack” and there are several posts on the subject.

Anyway, it’s a moot point. :man_shrugging:

Gotcha. I was confused by the inconsistent nomenclature between the options under the auto-detected mapping vs. the custom keyboard options. E.g., “Move Forward/Back (Keyboard Up/Down) -” under the auto-detected mapping, but under custom keyboard it’s just “Keyboard Up”. That was the entire source of the problem for me.

Yes, the term is correct strictly speaking. Although it can also refer to the audio CD with the tracks in SoundTrack format. Or the innovative acetate. :roll_eyes:

Captura de pantalla de 2023-11-19 00-34-29

In the gamers environment, it is more common to use the terms Sound for the effects and Music for the soundtrack.

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But in the wild era DOS, a lot of things happened and almost all of them were very weird. "the soundtrack, may be a hack that replaces low quality music with high quality audio CD tracks in mp3.

The same thing happened to me, is a bit confusing. A trick, the custom assigns the keys of the original keyboard emulated on the gamepad.
If you look in the game options settings, you can assign the game keys to the button you want in RetroArch.

Keep in mind that this is under development, Quake is in the TDC version (without music CD), it is not in the Redump version. I also notice that the right joystick is a bit broken, and the remap files don’t save the mappings (that’s why it doesn’t work for you) maybe PURE saves it somewhere else.

All these are possibly the same bug and since you discovered it, it’s up to you to report it. :grimacing: