Manually Updating Lakka Cores

First off - much love and appreciation to the Lakka team for all the great (and free) work that they do. I understand that it is difficult for a small team to juggle jobs as well as provide updates.

That being said, where can I locate current cores compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 architecture so that I can update my Lakka cores manually without having to rely on updates? (Specifically wanting to update the FBNeo core.)

I saw a similar question asked here: How to update cores in Lakka? where the following repository was supplied: However, these cores were last updated in 2020. Is there another source for current/up-to-date Lakka Raspberry Pi cores?

I am afraid that this is by design. Lakka is a monolithic package that does not allow core updates.

Thanks for the response. I know that Lakka does not allow for manual updates the same way RetroArch does, but I think I may have misstated my question. Lakka has a cores folder in the root directory and at one point I was able to manually download a core via PC from the repository and place it here. Just want to check if there’s a repository with current cores for this architecture.

Hi. Unfortunately there is no official repository for RPi4 cores (I assume you are using aarch64). Someone might have some private repository somewhere but I am not aware of any.

If you have some experience with linux and/or compiling the best option you have is cross-compiling the cores for your device.

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Disappointing to hear, but thanks for the answer.