How to update cores in Lakka?


in the Nintendo Switch version of Lakka I can download and update cores from within RetroArch. In Lakka on Raspberry Pi 4 this option is missing the menu. How do I activate this? Thanks!

  • Marc

Usually, Lakka is distributed with all of the available cores all together. You can update it by manually dropping core libs into the appropriate directory on your removable storage, but the online updater is not available.

Ok. Weird decision to allow it on switch but not on the pi. Where can I download the most recent core for my pi4 and where do I have to put it? I searched but did not found anything.

Yeah, that is a weird choice. I wasn’t aware of it. Anyway, I think it’s these:

This is not a choice, it’s a bug, online updater should not be available on any of the Lakka versions…

I can’t guarantee that drag and dropping cores from the buildbot will work. 2D cores might, 3D cores will most probably not

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Ok. I meant the RetroArch version of Switch and not Lakka with RetroArch on Switch. But is there a way to enable core updates in Lakka on a RPi4 somehow like it is currently on the switch version of RetroArch? Would be great! Could even be an advanced option in the settings.

See " Lakka doesn’t expose RetroArch Online Updater (buildbot). Why?" here

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