Map controller button to "next overlay"

Can I map a joypad/controller button to the “next_overlay” function?

What if the overlay I’m using has more than one “next_overlay” descriptor defined?

No, and that’s one of the reasons why, unfortunately.

Aw, that’s a bummer.

Isn’t there any chance to improve the situation?

It seems so weird that you can swap from one overlay to the other easily when using a touchscreen and you can not when using a keyboard or joypad.

I get that at least at the beginning overlays were intended to show input areas on handheld touchscreen devices, but now I think most people use the overlay system to show bezels and just generec artwork, and even on android devices if you want to play emulation decently you’ll get an extendable controller anyway.

It would be soooo great to swap to different alternative bezels just with a click.