Mednafen Saturn is updated but buildbot version is still old?

According to this:

The core version should be 1.24.3. But when i update it with the downloader it’s still the old 1.22 version.

Is there an updated version we can download from somewhere?

That ‘rebased’ branch is not being built. It doesn’t contain a bunch of our necessary patches and is itself a little bit behind now, apparently.

It’s a bit behind yes but still better than the 1.22 version that RetroArch is stuck with (that’s more than 2 years of Saturn updates missing) :frowning:

RetroArch itself gets so much love and so many updates but some important cores are left behind (MAME is also getting the same treatment lately). Cores are the beating heart of RetroArch so i wish more people would work on them. I’m an end user peasant so i can’t contribute myself but maybe bounties can help?

Someone from reddit compiled this for me and it works fine with the few games i tried.

You mentioned something about necessary patches not being contained though. So what regressions i’m expecting?

I’m not actually sure. I assumed stuff like CHD support but I haven’t looked into it deeply.

The 1.24.3 rebase was done by hiddenasbestos in December 2020. hiddenasbestos also did the 1.22.2 rebase as well as the prior versions rebases for libretro. The 1.24.3 rebase was just recently copied into the libretro branch from hiddenasbestos’s github repository in June 2021.

It already contains the libretro stuff and CHD support since hiddenasbestos has been updating the saturn core for years.

There have been about a hundred commits to the main libretro branch over the past 2 years since the core was last rebased to 1.22.2 that are not in the new 1.24.3 rebase, but most of these commits seem to be code cleanups. There was an update to the chd libraries to the current version, but since the 1.24.3 rebase has chd support, it might be simple just to port the updated libchdr code in.


Thanks for the info.

i hope the core gets synced with the standalone some day. It’s the only Saturn core that matters.