Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

Hi, I think you are talking about the effect of glare on the glass of the screen?

If so you just need to adjust the Tube Static Reflection Opacity in the [ TUBE STATIC REFLECTION IMAGE ]: section, you can turn it up to have as much tube reflection as you like.

What was there previously was what I personally liked, but many users wanted to remove the tube reflection, so I decided to set the default to 0.

Here are some examples:

No Tube Reflection

A bit (Similar to what was there before)

A lot

and Waaaayyy too much


Totally! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

There are also some interesting ones in the experimental folder, the BendBombBoom dotty one is pretty interesting :wink: :star_struck:


Hey both. I was actually talking about the phosphor glare :blush: (not sure I have the terminology right!) Seems a bit brighter or more saturated on Royale.

But yes, I totally appreciate this effort. I’m a CRT user (Sony 14" and B&O MX4002) but this reflection shader (and CRT shaders in general) are really good now and I’m more than happy to use my LCD monitor. The reflection just does it for me!


Ah, wow, that’s high praise! I’m glad you like it, from the pictures the B&O MX4002 seems like a surprisingly thin CRT.

For the brightness & saturation this may be a difference of the color correction that grade is adding, so you could try changing the CRT Phosphor Gamut to 0 to remove the color transform to NTSC (as Royale doesn’t have this). There are also saturation controls in grade and Guest-DrVenom.

You can also try turning on the deconvergence (near the end of the parameter list) which can add a bit of a glowy feel too.


In fact, each game opens differently, even without a shader. Interestingly, the option to allow image rotation by core, present in global options, corrects 100% of cases when there are no shader. Just apply the shader and everything becomes a mess on the screen. :crazy_face:

Hey @Duimon, I think i will want your help to update or separate a new romset from scratch.



Mega Bezel is updated to V 0.9.021 2021-07-05


  • Updated to the latest Guest-DrVenom
  • Fixed Frame Inner Corner radius.
  • Added Flip Viewport Horizontal
  • Added catch for bizarre Sega Saturn FMV resolution which was making the viewport vertical
  • Added Features to make the Colored Gel give a good result
  • Added Night Lighting to all presets (Including Basic Presets)
  • Added [ Render for Simplified Presets ] / Output Mode to allow different render modes to extract images to use for simpler kinds of presets or overlays

Some of Duimon’s presets, just because they’re awesome :slight_smile:

The image is some cool pixel art, not from a game :slight_smile:

Here’s an example from @Duimon of the colored Gel in use for the Vectrex

You can find Duimon’s work here Duimon’s Thread


I found another issue with newpixie rolling scanlines. Some scenes just look too dark. Under brightness settings, I set gamma correct to 2 and it seemed to fix it.

EDIT: Well, sort of fixes it. Now in brighter scenes it doesn’t look right lol.


Newpixie is generally darker than most shaders. Even the standalone suffers.

Did you try the “Bright Boost Bright Pixels” in the Brightness Settings?


Bright boost dark pixels seems to help in dark scenes also, but also makes brighter things too bright.


So this is probably related to the contrast adjustment I added. Go to the Grade settings and set contrast to 0 (I had it set at 0.5).

I’ll probably set this to 0 on the next iteration. :slight_smile:


Yeah that definitely helps. Going into the negatives improves it even more but then causes issues again with brighter scenes. Like Duimon said, if it’s just a dark shader I guess there’s only so much that can be done.


Hi! I’ve been loving these shaders for a few months now, and I have a question: Is there a simple way to keep all the curvature and reflections, but disabling the CRT and/or scanline effects? I noticed that for streaming, it’s better to have sharp pixels and I was wondering if I can turn off only that part of the shader. Thanks!

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Glad you are enjoying them!

To get a sharp pixel look you should set both of the following parameters to 1 and 100:


  • Compare ON
  • Splitscreen Position

If you want to just drop it into an existing preset you can add these lines:


I wanted to share something cooking in the HSM kitchen

I’m trying something which splits the image and pushes a copy to each side of the viewport space. For this demo it’s being used in conjunction with the new Full aspect mode I added to Retroarch which should be in the next version. The full aspect mode basically makes it so that the viewport takes the entire space of the window (or full monitor if in full screen mode)

So this means that you can create a 16x9 background image and set it to split and it can still fill the sides on a 32x9 monitor.

The full aspect ratio mode also means that if you are using the mega bezel you don’t need to change your Retroarch aspect ratio when moving between different monitor aspect ratios, e.g. Landscape vs Portrait.


This fantastic @HyperspaceMadness !! This needs to exist and I believe, it has to run with full screen, to get even better right?

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Yes, you can certainly run it full screen, that’s how I expect most people will be playing.

I did the example with windowed because it shows what it’s doing more clearly :smiley:


i have not been here in a wile, what you have been doing since is unbelievable. absolutely freaken amazing…


I’ve been thinking that the Mega Bezel needs a new original default background for the shader instead of the SNES-looking one.

So I’ve put together a 2-minute Inkscape v0.1 concept myself of a non-existent CRT Television.

It’s under the CC BY-SA 4.0, feel free to do whatever you want with it.

Mega Bezel is so good with my current setup that I could actually see not replacing my CRT if it breaks. I don’t think any pictures can do it justice. Such great way to play these games on a big 16:9 screen.


Out of curosity, what model of graphic card do you own?

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