Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

Thank you, very kind as always

I think already made it, thank to all the community and for your help. Soon I’ll be making a pack, also wanto to ask @HyperspaceMadness if it’s possible to include it inside retroarch, If it’s not a good Idea, then no problem. I’ll make a pack soon, also I want to make another setting for Dreamcast/PS2 as well. that I will include when I already set it up. Here is an example how arcade looks with my Sanyo look alike setting…


I really like these shaders @Nesguy, if @HyperspaceMadness can include them in the pack it would be nice, also, if I’m to display them in 4k, what would I need to change?


Thanks, glad you like them! The scanline and mask parameters will probably need to be changed, I’ll get around to doing a 4k version sometime tomorrow, most likely.

I was going to say “but you have much better options at 4k where you can emulate the actual phosphors,” but there’s still a place for subpixel-agnostic masks at 4k since we’re heading into an era of exotic subpixel layouts.


Hi @RetroGamers4K - it might be a silly question given your nick too, but your future package also includes settings for the 1080p. also where will you publish them? Thank you very much

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Lol, It’s RETROGAMES4K not RETROGAMERS :laughing:

The setting is for 4K, maybe it would work with mask 6 but I don’t know, unless if there’s a way to see 1080p mask on a 4k monitor, then someone tell me because I can’t distinguish 1080p mask on a 4k monitor.About the packs I will post them here:

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You’re right, I tried lol

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You can try increasing the mask size and Slot Mask size and this will give you something which looks somewhat like 1080p. So if they were both 1 you could increase them both to 2.

Maybe a global multiplier would help to test scaling the whole mask and mask shift at multiples, what do you think @guest.r?


So you mean, if I do it that way, it will work when somebody puts the mask in size 1, or is it going to be weird afterwards? I’ll try it then, but i hope it doesn’t look bad setting it to 1080p. :sweat_smile:

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Probably a simple question…screenshot is from the latest releases of RA and Mega Bezel. What setting do I need to adjust to remove the gaps highlighted in red? I would like the bezel to extend all the way to the window edge.

Increase viewport! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Got it. I increased the viewport zoom slightly to compensate. I just assumed that the bezel would have extended to the window edge at 100% zoom. Are there another display elements that create the gap?

If you decrease the viewport, you can make as large a gap as you like!

edit Oh… if you mean you want to eliminate that gap on other games, basically you can save that as the preset for your core. Also, copy that viewport setting into a “default” .slangp file, then load that preset into subsequent games… this gets into more work, but there’s a certain rabbit hole that can’t be avoided.

It does not compute by ordinary ‘algebra’ lol. The main mask set has different sub-sets which, in topologic order, are and don’t make a group for multiplication:

  • mask 0, 5; mask 9; mask 11, mask 13
  • mask 1, 2, 6; mask 10; mask 12
  • mask 7; mask 8;
  • mask 3; mask 4 (special)

Like you can’t cycle through it by ordinary multiplication and would require special logic.

Slotmask is easier, if fixed to selected mask width and height 2.0 + thickness 1.0, but ordinary multiplication fails here as the case is special.

I guess some word of advice would help out definitelly, but there would still be an understanding-threshold even with the documentation.


Yeah I thinking something like: could we divide the coordinate by half as it gets passed to the mask function, so it sees 2 output pixels as 1 pixel? So the complete mask would be twice bigger.

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I was thinking of that as a just quick hack to test, not complete the preset like this, not 100% sure if it would work

Also if you have a desktop with an ATI card or Nvidia Card which is Turing or later you can set your desktop resolution to 1080p and use the integer scale settings in the graphics card.


The gap is directly related to the default “Non-integer Scale %” parameter.

This is the Mega “Bezel” shader and displaying the bezel in it’s entirety (Along with the drop shadow etc.) has always been intentional.

This is one solution, but as I suggested in another recent post, I think increasing the “Non-integer Scale %” is the best option. (The mask scales with the screen, unlike with viewport zoom.)

There are other options also, such as bezel height/width and frame thickness, both of which could be used to close the gap.

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Now a PS1 Game

Do you mean the crt mask? The crt mask only scales if you use Viewport Zoom and have turned on Zoom CRT Mask, it’s off by default

Yeah if you just want to adjust the bezel this is a good option. If you want the screen bigger too then the viewport zoom or the non-integer scale would be the way to go

Hi guys, let’s talk about this over DM :slight_smile: