Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

This guy dont stop? Thanks a lot!



Following on from my post in @Duimon’s thread. Here are the screenshots of what I was talking about (it’s easiest to see what I’m talking about if you look at the the bottom half of the 8 in 1982 at the bottom of the screen)

Duimon ADV Preset Guest Dr Venom - 1982 is blurry / fuzzy looking

Shaders Slang crt-guest-dr-venom - The issue isn’t present on the 1982

Duimon ADV Preset Tweaked to HSM CRT Easymode - The 1982 looks even better

Bonus screenshot - Duimon ADV Preset Tweaked to HSM CRT Easymode & Cropped using the %'s

The cropping is tricky on the Atari 2600…seems to be the wild west for vertical resolution and they like to change the background color to black randomly, which is leaving me with parts of the image cropped too much. Probably be something I’ll fine tune per game if I’m playing them.

For clarification:

  • Format: PC
  • Core: Stella
  • Monitor Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • GPU: GTX 1070

Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like me to mess about with.


Never got to reply to you on this. Both of your suggestions worked out for me. Swapping to Guest Dr Venom worked well…I think that’s been established as a decent choice elsehwere, in the time since you replied. Adjusting the core res sampling parameters also solved the issue for the LCD shader. Just wanted to let you know and clarify for any future reference…appreciate the help, as always!


Thank you so much Hyperspacemadness! im a big fan of your work. Is there any hope for a reshade port of your shader ?

i would like to play some retro pc games with it.

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Hi @Mistawani, welcome to the forum! Thanks for the I kind words :slight_smile:

I try to never say never, but I think a reshade port is unlikely, the Mega Bezel is quite the beast in terms of management complexity.

I also think it would be cool to play pc games with the Mega Bezel though. Something @hunterk found a little while ago is something called Shader Glass which can run retroarch shaders on top of anything on your windows screen. I would say that for now that’s your best bet. One user said it was a bit easier to use than reshade, @BendBombBoom what was the performance like? It does use DirectX 11 and this is not the driver that I usually suggest for the Mega Bezel, so it’s unknown to me how that will work.

Here’s the Github for it.

If you do try it out with the Mega Bezel let me know how it turns out!


Yeah I’ll have to take a look at why this is happening, if everything is working properly I wouldn’t expect a different result between Mega Bezel guest-dr-venom and easymode


the only catch with shaderglass is that the shaders are statically recompiled to d3d11, so that would need to be done for the mega bezel presets. However, the author may be amenable to adding it if someone opens an issue.


From my little bit of testing I found shaderglass easiest to use in “clone” mode on a second monitor. More games would run on it vs “glass” mode which is a direct overlay.

  • Shaderglass doesn’t need setup per game. It has many of Retroarch’s shaders.
  • Shaderglass can’t change shader parameters. The only option is the downscaled resolution.

With 0% knowledge of the complexity I still think Retroarch having something similar to shaderglass as a core would be cool. The app would be a software solution for a downscaler and if it could run atop things like VLC or WMP there would be no need to mess with FFMPEG core.


Ah I see thanks I hadn’t realized this!

Perhaps we should try to do this when we hit the 1.0 then :slight_smile:

I do wonder if it might be possible to make a retroarch core out of this as @BendBombBoom mentions :thinking:



Mega Bezel is updated to V 0.9.11 2021-05-09


  • Fixed Sampling Problem with Stella / Atari 2600
  • Fixed default Decal Blend Mode for STANDARD preset
  • Added masking at edge of static tube reflection at edge of bezel,
    • Static tube reflection no longer shows up in the screen bezel reflection, let me know what you think of this
  • Fixed Bezel Independent Curvature on bezel outer corner in ADVANCED presets

Something like a virtual display adapter core. You could pipe full screen applications through the RA shader pipeline. Something like this, that was cross platform, would be a game changer for stand-alone emulators or retro gaming projects like eXoDOS.


thank you @HyperspaceMadness, ill try your solution.

keep up the good work, ure a master :sunglasses:


Hi @Mistawani, because of what hunterk said about the shaders being pre-compiled, the shader glass definitely will not work with the Mega Bezel at this time :frowning:

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oops, didn’t see. Anyway i tried it, and the result its pretty good, the crt shaders are better than reshade effects. But im addict to your reflections, so I hope you’ll be able to port your work in the future. :crossed_fingers:


Hello, especially congratulations for the excellent work that this shaders do, search the topic and I did not find anything about it, maybe someone has gone through this problem, if we use the Core Duckstation in internal resolution greater than 2x the error shader and does not load, I saw that up to 2x it works, has anyone been there? I’m using the Vulkan api and the core is in its latest version. The following presets that occur the problem “MBZ__1__ADVANCED”, “MBZ__2__GLASS” and “MBZ__2__STANDARD”


Yeah, the issue is that the normal Mega Bezel has some increase in resolution in the shader chain.

Try one of the HD-CORE presets from the BASE_CRT_PRESETS which is just for this purpose, this will remove the increase in resolution.

You can also try one of the down-sampling presets in the experimental folder which actually scale down the resolution in the first pass for the best performance.


Thank you very much for the answer, I tested it here and it worked perfectly!


Is there a toggle switch for the bezel? This shader combines a lot of useful shaders that I want to use together, so I still want to use it, but the curvature induced moire at 1080p is bumming me out and I’d also rather run everything at 5x scale and crop the image.


Do you mean that you just want to see the screen and no graphics or bezel?

If so you can use the BASIC-BORDER version and set the background opacity to 0, this will also use a lot less GPU cycles than the full one.

There are also lots of parameters that you can just turn off the bits of the Mega Bezel you don’t want to see as well though, just step through and look for the Opacity parameters


Thanks for the quick update on this! I updated my files and had a look. It appears that the issues is solved on the Standard CRT base preset but is still present on the Advanced CRT base preset.

CRT Base Preset - Standard - No Issue

CRT Base Preset - Advanced - Issue still present

Not sure what parameters were changed but thought you would like to know.