MelonDS DS and 1.17 Future Changes

Haven’t seen much discussion of the new core but I just tried it, and it’s really good! :+1:

Yes, we have a new stable release for RetroArch coming soon, and JesseTG–the author of the core–is writing a blog post about it to coincide.


Thanks, Hunter… I saw the twitter announcement a while ago (one of the few twitter pages I look at) and have been really looking forward to it. Is there a spot to look at potential new features, or just wait for the blog?

You can wait for the blog for now, but if there are features you’d like to request, you can put in an issue at the core’s github tracker.

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I just found the future changelog for 1.17… and noticed the “Use video refresh rate instead of core refresh rate for menu frame limiting”. Sounds like this might be related to the choppiness I was seeing sometimes in menus, so that is a welcome change. :+1:

There was an announcement, but for anyone who didn’t see, RA 1.17 is out. I always look forward to these updates. Post here if you find any especially tasty improvements. :crazy_face:

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