Mesen HD Packs don't work


I’m trying to get some HD packs to work in Mesen. I enabled the feature in the core option, I put the files in system/HDPacks/ in a folder which is named exactly like the ROM file, and it does not work. I tested with Mega Man and Zelda. Some people over the Launchbox forum seem to have the same issue. Any idea ?

I just tested on Windows and it works ; but on Linux, it doesn’t.

I play exclusively on Linux and HDPacks for Mesen works since (Edit: years) a while. At least for native RetroArch installed through my package manager. And I have tested it with an up to date RetroArch and cores as well, with the old HDPacks installation I did a while ago. So nothing seem to have changed in this front too.

Did you enable HDPacks in RetroArch core options? Here is the documentation for the core in RetroArch I followed to get this working on Linux: Edit: How did you install RetroArch on Linux?

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Having the same problem with standalone Mesen2 on openSUSE. Seems to be an upstream issue

Note, standalone Mesen 2 is a different emulator than Mesen. The version we have in RetroArch is the classic Mesen. The support for HDPacks is not identical:

However, it appears to be a little buggy with NES HD Packs (for example the Zelda HD pack doesn’t work on this version, but does with Mesen/Mesen-X).

Did you enable HDPacks in RetroArch core options?

Yes, I did everything. It works on Windows, I did the exact same thing and it works, but on Linux it does not.

How did you install RetroArch on Linux?

Via Archlinux official repository.