Metal Slug 7 or Metal Slug XX

Which version should I play?

Metal Slug 7 on the DeSmuME core with 3 frames input lag


Metal Slug XX on the PPSSPP core with 7 frames input lag

If you’re only concerned about input lag, the choice is obvious, but I would prefer MSXX on PPSSPP rather than MS7 on Desmume or melonds, because of the single screen factor. I think the psp version has also some bonuses and extras on the game itself (it’s not only a port).

I would only choose a DS version for any game if it’s an exxclusive and can’t be played on other systems (like the awesome Contra 4, for example).

If you can live with the additional inputlag on ppsspp, stick with that, otherwise, go for the DS version.


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I agree with the Metal Slug XX for PPSSPP, there’s also DLC you can add which allows you to play as Leona from the King of Fighters series.

Fun Fact: Fio appears as a striker in one of the King of Fighters games