MIDI availability for cores etc

Having finally taken it upon myself to really get into MIDI with Retroarch, I was prepared for confusion. However, I finally got myself a setup I not only understand fairly well, but am pleased with! (Loopmidi + Falcosoft yada yada…)

This works for DosBox currently. Running through Doom with SC-55 sounds and all that. That’s where I’m stuck, so a couple of questions:

  • Is it currently possible to output MIDI for Amiga, X68k, PC-98, MSX & ScummVM cores? If so, how?

  • Can ScummVM & DosBox cores hook up to MUNT, or can the MUNT VSTi from FSMP work as intended within Retroarch?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. It should be noted I’ve tried PC-98 & X68k games with selectable GS MIDI in the options and get nothing.

With dosbox, munt works fine. Both stand-alone munt as well as a VST in falcosoft.

No idea about other cores though.

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Oddly enough, that hasn’t been my experience. In Ultima VII, setting up MT-32 and then running the VSTi results in the intro bird’s chirping turning into screeches and buzzing. All other instruments sound… strange, to say the least.

It’s my understanding standalone MUNT is supposed to work with 32-bit Retroarch, which I’m not running. I’ll check it out anyway for the sake of being thorough.

Edit So, no. Same results. We’re talking chimes, bells, strange THUD sounds at inappropriate places. What’s a surefire way to set it up, if I may ask? SHA1 checksum is verified for both files BTW.

Edit 2 Not only does MUNT work, I managed to make myself feel quite silly in the process. What with all the developments with the DosBox core, I mistakenly believed the MIDI settings in the .conf files to be obsolete and thus removed those lines. Restoring them made everything all right!

So thank you. That’s DosBox taken care of. :slight_smile:

Yes, the conf file options are still relevant. We will add these as core options in the near future, including an option to use native win32 MIDI or go through the libretro MIDI device.

Native MIDI (and other features) have been added to DOSBox-core. DOSBox-SVN is still there for older systems where DOSBox-core isn’t available.

So please switch to DOSBox-core if available on your system to get all new features.

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