Midnight Blue Ozone ? PS2 vibes… (+montage inside)

Ozone is really pleasant to look and practical to use, I’ve been using Nord for some time now and it’s very good, nice match of colors. After update to the 1.9.1 the new color theme called Twilight Zone really catch my eyes, the black is really comfy to use at night (when I mostly play), the big issue is the purple, it’s beautiful and impactful at first, but not good to use long term as my main theme.

Since I’m on the PS2 vibe these days, I’ve tried to imagine how a Midnight Blue theme would/could be if implemented, the full black and blue lines would really be my new favorite.

I did a small montage trying to imagem how it would look.

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Hey how do you add this theme to retroarch. I’d love to use a custom theme with ozone.