Minivmac not booting

Is there anything special to get minivmac. To run in retroarch. I’ve downloaded the core, put the bios in the right place and started and tried loading a HDD file “games1.dsk”. But it won’t start. In the standalone the disk boot, as it runs MacOS 6.0.8, yet won’t run in retroarch (edited) I’m using minivmav 36.04 As standalone and latest from the online downloader for retroarch

If needed I can upload the disk

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do you have a verbose log of it failing to boot? that might tell us more.

Deleted everything and tried again, when I got home from work, and now everything works OK. Not sure what changed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Mine Loads up but I get ? In a Disk and nothing Else.

Don’t know what to get it to work from there.

Please Help

Do you have a bootable disk loaded?

I load it this way : ./retroarch -L ~/Games/retroarch/cores/ “~/Games/Roms/applemac/mac2/Games01.dsk” (I’m on linux so some modification is needed for Windows)"


Will the MiniVmac core get an option to load multiple disks? My current setup is Games01.dsk, which is my boot disk, it also house the needed apps and a few games, while Games02.dsk house most of the other games I play. On the stand alone I can load both disks, but RetroArch don’t have that option

Dunno. You could make a feature request at the github repo. The guy who’s been working on it is quite active/prolific, so he may take it on.

I was able to figure out loading multiple disks using cmd files.

To do it: Create a cmd file like this as an example:

"Mini vMac" "path_to_disks/224M.dsk" "path_to_disks/glider_4.dsk"

Where the first disk is your OS disk and the second is the disk you want to mount. Load the cmd file and it will boot using the OS disk and also mount the second disk

Edit, you can also do it from the command line if you wanted to by escaping the command (OSX command for example, but should work for other OS’s):

path_to_app/RetroArch -L "/path_to_cores/minivmac_libretro.dylib" "\"Mini vMac\" \"/path_to_disks/224M.dsk\" \"/path_to_disks/glider_4.dsk\""

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