Missing PSP MAME 2000 core?

The 1.8.3 release notes mention a MAME 2000 core being included in the PSP build, which is backed up by the January 2020 Cores Progress report (complete with video showing it working), yet it hasn’t appeared in any full or nightly release. I was just wondering what the status of this might be, thanks.

When I asked fjtrujy about it, he said he never actually released it because some games didn’t work :man_shrugging:

Hmm… well that’s a shame, the PSP could do with a good version of MAME.

Did he mention which games didn’t work? Because there’s a load of games in the MAME 2000 romset that don’t work anyway, and even more if you try to use Cyclone and/or DrZ80 with them. Maybe he’s just seeing normal behaviour? I’m very familiar with ports of 2000-era MAME, so I’d be happy to help test if required. Hopefully this isn’t dead in the water.