MME4CRT SR2(Switchres) - Huge Update. Most User Issues Resolved

also: PCSX2 has the same problem as shown for SNES above (cut-off picture right side)…why is it all over the place and why is PS1 working like before?

I’d like to know where to place it, and a working swtichres.ini if possible. I have a Sony Consumer CRT, and I have the same issue with horizontal overscan

Yeah, was asking the same question, so cant really help you here. In theory the new ResSwitch is fricking awesome, but if I have to chose between a properly scaled image and 60.099Hz instead of 60Hz, i would take the properly scaled image. :confused:

Both would be obviously “endgame”…

Some people over on the RA subreddit cant even use ResSwitch at all anymore, after upgrading to 1.9.5.

The info on where it looks for the switchres.ini can be found in the doc alphanu linked.

Can you guys coma and share this info in the GroovyArcade discord please. Centering and porch adjustments aren’t available in RA ATM. You need to create a CRT range for that. At least for now


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Hey, is that the reason why changing H-Porches in the switchres.ini is getting ignored?

Whatever i change there, does not get applied it seems. (Switchres.ini works tho, as tested by activating/deactivating the v_shift_correct setting)

Would you share your switch.ini? I have no idea on what values it must contain. It must be placed on retroarch folder right?

they updated the doc…just download it and save it in a switchres.ini you created…its listed under “advanced settings”

but as i mentioned, when i change porch values they get ignored anyway.

They would only be ignored if you have not installed dynamic modes. Also you need to choose custom for the monitor profile if you ser a customer CRT Range.

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Not sure im doing it the right way then…if i do it like this, it gets ignored.

The line above this in the ini should be monitor. This must be set to custom for the custom crt_range to be used. Also in RA you need to get CRT SwitchRes to INI have you done this?

Have you installed new resolutions with VMMaker, since this update? The new method won’t work with the old installed modes as they would have had to be static modes. Static modes can not be modified on-the-fly.

It’s a genius. Thanks for so much work. :pray:t2:

I am testing on Ubuntu with an intel (HD Graphics 4000). on a CRT Monitor. Works great with gl, glcore and vulkan, only some minor glitches …

By selecting the 15 KHz option, the monitor is “Out of Limit” 32 KHz, Standard turns off the monitor and there is no way to recover it. 32KHz, 120Hz works properly

It has happened to me, few times when closing RA the resolution remains small, the desktop does not recover its resolution.

Sometimes when loading the game for the first time, it looks squashed. When loading Snes games, it. If the game is closed and started again, it works fine.

When activating the option “Use high resolution menu” you can see the menu well, but when you start the game and activate the menu, it looks bad, it cannot be used.

Hi @Alphanu,

I’m sorry to crosspost my issue here but i fear it has been lost in the limb of the forum now and discussions on the subject rather seem to take place here.

Here is my issue:

Do you have a clue ?

Also, again, thank you for this great hard work. My setup is working now (except for the issue above but this is more of an optimization than anything else) so i would be happy to beta test your work if it could help.

Unless you really need a locked super width only choose Native and let SR do all the work. Even if your monitor does not support native resolutions the best option to choose will be Native. For Windows SwitchRes will look for compatible modes with and without super widths.

Reading this I assumed that I could set essentially arbitrary super resolutions (so [email protected] for SNES or NES, [email protected] for PSX etc.) running Native, but that may have been a bit presumptuous of me. Nevertheless, I don’t see why I get crashes on startup trying this out with Mesen. SR never crashed on me if failing to correctly switch before. Is this expected?

Yes, i installed them in dynamic mode and when starting the Cores it switches to the specific Hz of the Core…what do you mean by the “line above” btw?

Everything above “monitor custom” is just explanation of the ini from what i can see.

I’ll check out the “INI” setting you mentioned…never saw it as far as i can recall tho…thanks!


Okay, had to set it via Retroarch.cfg file and it works now. Now have to figure out how to make my picture appear again on the right side…

I just found out that my TV is apparently up to 100Hz?

Does this change anything regarding modeline?

I think i fixed it…not sure what tests to run to check if its okay…any recommendation?

Btw, does Dolphin need an update to work with the new system? Its super messed up regardless what i try…it starts game with something like 53.xxxxxx Hz

Dolphin core outputs a strange internal resolution. not the correct output resolution. I had a work around in place for this with the old method.

I need to discuss this with the author.

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Dolphin core is working as expected here, 480i @60.000 Hz, no issues at all, but all GBA cores I tried RA outputs 480i instead 200p (previous builds)

I don’t get it why there are differences. What OS do you use?

GBA also does not ResSwitch for me (same as N64 but thats not working for me anymore for a long time now)