Mupen N64 Widescreen and Hi-Res In-Game Options

In a few N64 games there are some Widescreen options in the game menus (Goldeneye) and in others, the menu has options for Hi-Res (Perfect Dark, Excitebike 64). I can’t make heads or tales on how these are supposed to function - or maybe I just don’t understand something.

For Widescreen, I know in Dolphin you can set it, and as long as Aspect Ratio is set to “Core Provided” the game gives you a 16:9 display. I’ve read about “anamorphic widescreen” where it basically just squishes stuff and you set the display to stretch it back out. Goldeneye though confuses me in that it squeezes things verticaly - even more so if you use “cinema” view. So I’m not sure how to work it properly

Perfect Dark I see some additionally clarity when enabilng Hi-Res, but I can’t figure out what it’s doing. Then Excitebike 64 if you check hi-res in the menu, and then go in game (didn’t happen in training, only tournament) the screen is vertically squished again like Goldeney’s settings.

Maybe none of this works right with Mupen, or I’m just doing something wrong, or I have no idea what I’m doing at all lol can anyone clarify this a bit for me? I know there are some forced core option widescreen modes for certain cores - but I’m just interested in these in-game settings for now.