Mupen64Plus Core Configuring gamepad buggy

Have to choose between using the left or right stick. Can’t use both. C-button settings are a nightmare and if you turn off remap buttons for this core in RA settings, the c modifying button disappears. This is what I want my n64 controller to look like in which it is currently impossible to do:

(sony controller)
L1 = L
L2= Z
R1 = R
Start = Start
Select = C mod button
Dpad = Dpad movement
LStick = Stick movement
LStick Button = C mod button
RStick = C buttons
RStick Button = C up
Square = B, C left if C mod is held
X = A, C down if C mod is held
Triangle = C left, C up if C mod is held
Circle = C down, C right if C mod is held
R2 = C Right

This is how I got it set up on standalone pj64 and standalone mupen with krossx’s pokopom input plugin.

so, the only real difference between what you want and the default is being able to put the c-button mod on select and L3 instead of R2? While I think the C-button mod is hardcoded(?), that’s otherwise quite close.

Your other option is to use the “independent c-button mapping” core option and just hard map everything, removing the c-button mod altogether.

The difference is that I cannot fully map my controls and other parts of mapping don’t work correctly. I can’t even map the c buttons to the right stick either. If the C mod stays on R2, I cannot play fighting games like killer instinct correct for I cannot map an attack to R2.

I checked the core option of the c buttons and entering one of the options, only shows the other c buttons as options which doesn’t make any sense to me. If you don’t want me to use the c mod button, I can’t even map the c buttons to the right stick because it just doesn’t work without disabling movement in the left stick.

so I put the analog to digital to off instead of left or right and the mapping is working fine now. Didn’t really know what that meant since there’s no select button description. But I did that after updating so I dunno if that wouldve fixed everything or if it was the update that did it. But all is well now but would be nice to have c button mod mode being fully configurable be it’s really no big deal now.

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