Mupen64Plus "failed to load content"

Whenever I try to load an n64 game, I get the “failed to load content” error. Any fix?

We’d need a log to know why it’s failing.

It appears you are using the Vulkan video driver. The mupen64plus core only works with the GL driver.

ParaLLEl-N64 can use Vulkan, but its default renderer is GL, so you would change your video driver to GL, close RetroArch, reopen it, then load a game with ParaLLEl-N64, go into core options change the gfx plugin to Angrylion and the RSP to cxd4/LLE, then close content, close RetroArch, reopen, change your driver to Vulkan, close RetroArch, reopen it and then you should be able to load N64 games again.

^^all of those “close RetroArch, reopen it” steps are to ensure that settings are written to the config(s).

Oh, thank you very much!!!

Does not work when I use the Direct Video Plug-In

That normal?

Yes, that’s normal. It requires OpenGL (and pretty high-level GL at that).

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Okay. Thanks.

Sadly on my Laptop I can’t use OpenGL.

Still have plenty of other Console Cores that Work