Mupen64Plus - Importing Savefiles?

Hey guys,

So I am trying to get a savefile (A 100% Castlevania - Legacy of Darkness file to be exact) and the only place I can find to download saves for N64 is on

However, downloading them, it seems that they are in .n64 format…

I tried renaming it .srm, but it just pulls up as a corrupted save/mempak.

Is there a way to import these saves so I can use them? Or is there somewhere else where people upload saves online? I found it very hard to believe that GameFAQs was the ONLY place…

Lol or if someone wants to donate their save? Honestly I just want to have Reinhart unlocked without having to go through the whole game multiple times. :frowning:

The .n64 is a rom file type not a save file type. The Nintendo 64 save file types are eep, mpk, fla and sra.

I know that’s usually a rom extension, so I thought it’s odd. They are all like that though. They are for sure the saves.

Also, if eep, mpk, fla, and sra are the savefiles, what is the srm?

srm is the save file type that libretro-mupen64 core uses.

For games that have an .eep rom extension, you can convert those to .srm without any issue. Many great N64 games have .eep rom save extensions (i.e. Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie, Super Mario 64, GoldenEye, Diddy Kong Racing, Donkey Kong 64, Mario Tennis, Mario Kart 64, Star Fox 64 etc.) If you’re looking for N64 saves, there’s a website that I use to find save files. Just find the .eep roms, convert/rename them to .srm and make sure the file name matches the rom name identically, minus the extension and you should be fine.

Here’s the link: And another link for good measure:

Also…does anyone know of software that can convert any and all save file extensions to the .srm extension? That’s the one drawback to Retroarch IMO.

You can rename all files in a folder to a different extension from the command prompt using:

ren . *.srm

You can easily open a command prompt inside the folder you are in by holding shift and right clicking the background of Explorer, then clicking “Open command window here”.

Thanks for the info, and the links.

Doesn’t look like any of them have Castlevania - Legacy of Darkness sadly :frowning: but good to know in case I need others.

I know is old, but just in case, .n64 is a valid file type for saves, it is used by the dexdrive device. There are online convertors for this format.