Mupen64plus-next and interlaced shader

you can set the resolution to 320x240 or 640x480 in core options, i like it at 320x240 because of the interlaced shader, but in games that render the menus in 480i, it doesn’t change the resolution automaticaly, the menus look great in pokemon stadium if i change the internal resolution to 640x480 (ext. res is 640x480) but then i don’t get scanlines during the fight, wich should be at 320x240 (for those not familiar with interlaced shader, it detects the resolution and changes from scanlines to interlaced mode automatically, works great in ps1 games with 480i menus such as chrono cross)

is it a core limitation or am i missing something?

the standard mupen64plus is buggy with star wars episode 1 racer wich i play a lot (the screen shakes up and down) and parallel64 is a bit slow (about 45-55 fps, other games run great) so i didn’t even test tue shader on them because it starts lagging, on the next version star wars works great even with the shader turned on

I don’t think the HLE plugins respect the resolution changes, since they assume you’re going to be running at some fixed, crazy-high internal resolution anyway. I believe you’d need to use Angrylion to get the proper resolution changes.

what’s Angrylion?

i run ps1 at 640x480 also, it works fine there

angrylion is the software-rendered, LLE gfx plugin for mupen. I don’t think it’s available in the ‘next’ builds (yet).

Well Mupen64plus-Next is the only variation available in the RetroArch cores now and angrylion still isnt available in it! :frowning:

I still see ParaLLEl-N64 in the list.

Doesnt seem to run as well for me a Mupen