Mupen64Plus-Next correct plugins for accuracy?

So for Mupen64Plus-Next,

for RSP Plugin should i be using, ’ ParaLLEI ’ or ’ HLE ’ for RDP Plugin use ’ GLideN64 ’ or ’ paraLLEI-RDP’

to get the most accuracy ?

Set both to “ParaLLEl”

Yes, and Mupen64PlusNext solves some Parallel specific bugs like Cruis’n Exotica crashing at start on Parallel core. Mupen64Plus-Next is the ultimate N64 emulator using the vulkan-backend with parallel rdp and rsp plugins.

I would also recommend to set upscaling to 2x and downscaling to 1/2. This really improves the image in a way which maintains all the good CRT-looking while really giving better quality 3d models without fucking up sprites (remember to set native-tex-rect to True)

Btw, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine crashes retroarch on Mupen (of course paralel rdp+rsp, but tried also GlideN64 and crashes with that too). I don’t know if it’s a known bug or something on my end. I tried with sync set to True and same result. I also tried downloading again a No-Intro verified rom.

Anyway, thanks everyone involved and specially TheMaister for the revolutionary hardware-accelerated LLE RDP implementation. I hope this is gonna be the inspiration for others to develop something similar for other systems.



Hmm, that’s surprising, as I think this is one of the games that were used for testing before release. I’ll see how it goes on my end.

Ok from default the only settings i have change is the RSP & RDP plugins to ParaLLEI and set upscale to x2 and downsample to 1/2.

Using Rouge Squadron for testing, the screen seems to be shaking (not sure if its some sort of interlacing emulation)

some textures there appears to be like banding or jail bars effect

and when exiting (ESC twice) RA seems to lockup

Sounds like interlacing, yeah. Dunno about the lockup.