Mupen64Plus-Next/GlideN64 graphics issues on iGPU

I’ve attached video and logs of graphical issues I am having on Mupen/GlideN64. I’ve gone through every setting possible and am unable to resolve the issue. On Mario Kart 64, there are artifacts when Nintendo is spinning, the title screen flashes, and the character portraits are black. Is this a known issue with iGPU?

There were some previous blogs about iGPU not being on par with Nvidia based cards. Is that still the case? Is there updated guidance on how we should configure Retroarch video options and Mupen64 core options for iGPU?

Intel Core i5-10600k; Intel UHD Graphics 750 Driver []; Gigabyte H470M DS3H [Latest BIOS]; Windows 10 21H1; 16GB DDR4;



Core Options

Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

Same issue here…

Thanks for confirming. I just tried the latest version of project64 3.0.1 with GlideN64 and the game actually looked and ran perfect. Must be an issue with the core or GlideN64 version used with the core.


I have the same issue, did you find a solution? Thanks