Mupen64plus-Next; have to write-protect the ini file if adding cheats

For Mario Kart 64 in the Mupen64Plus Next core I have applied some optional game codes in addition to the default Multiplayer Timer Fix code in the mupen64plus.ini file (which fixes certain stages in which the game speed previously was corrupted). The codes I use in addition are:

; Music 4 player mode Cheat1=8128EC9C 240E,8128EC9E 0001,8128F9C4 2409,8128F9C6 0001 ; L Button Doesn’t Affect Music Level Cheat2=800DC5A9 0004 ; Widescreen Cheat3=D00DC533 0000,81150148 3FDF,D00DC533 0001,81150148 4060,D00DC533 0003,81150148 3FDF,D00DC533 0004,81150148 3FDF

This works fine and all that, as long as I write protect the mupen64plus.ini file found in RetroArch > system > Mupen64Plus. If I don’t write protect this file, the file gets overwritten and the optional cheats I’ve added as seen above gets deleted from mupen64plus.ini.

Is there a better solution to this than to write protect mupen64plus.ini? The issue with the write protection itself is that while it works fine on Windows 11, I can’t find any way to write protect files like this on my Android devices. I tried looking up some documentation on the Mupen64Plus-Next core online regarding this, but I didn’t find any info regarding a more elegant solution to this as of now. One solution could hypothetical be to have a separate ini file in addition to mupen64plus.ini in which the core itself only reads & not make changes in.

Any suggestions?