Mupen64plus-next // performance is much slower since lakka 4.2

Hello friends, i might came across an issue,

after updating lakka to version 4.2 the n64 core gets really slow.

Before the update i can play goldeneye with only some very rare hickups (at the fregatte level for example) . But after the update to 4.2 it gets slow direct from startup. even the ingame menus are choppy with garbled audio and massive stutter.

My System is: lakka 4.2 x64, cpu i5 7500, intel igpu, 8gb ddr4 ram 2400mhz ,

used Core Options for important plugins …

gfxplugin = angrylion-filtered (i also tried parallel gfx plugin but its even slower)

rspplugin = parallel

cpucore = dynamic_recompiler

i tested with parallel core and here is no change in performance between the 2 tested versions. both ran fine with the same core option settings