(Mupen64plus) Screen shakes during Star Wars Episode I - Racer

I was testing some games tonight and I noticed an odd up-and-down screen shake while playing Star Wars Episode I - Racer. Has any of you encountered this or know how to fix it? Thank you in advance.

i believe you’re describing interlacing jitter. If so, it’s not really something to be fixed; that is, it’s part of the game and occurs on real hardware.

Is there a shader that can be applied to mask it, or tone it down somehow?

Maybe you could disable the expansion pack from the core options or the high-res option from the game options.

Old thread, but I have a solution to use, since i had a hard time finding one Online. This also helps make N64 games look better in my opinion. Probably best to make sure that Vulkan graphics is selected in Settings > Drivers > Video, may or may not work with OpenGL.

Start up Mupen64Plus-Next and bring up the quick menu. In the Core Options, change these settings:

Make sure RDP Plugin: ParaLLEl-RDP is selected, because Angrylion does not seem to have enough options available for this right now, even 5 years later. It turns out super sample framebuffers (SSAA) help make this magic happen

Go to “Configure ParaLLEl-RDP Options.” (setting with the “rocket ship” symbol in the default Switch-style UI).

Set these:

Synchronous RDP: ON
Crop overscan: 4
VI-related filtering stuff you can do whatever, but I prefer to have at least VI bilinear turned off. Makes N64 games look sharper.
Upscaling factor: 4x
SSAA framebuffer effects: ON
Dither SSAA framebuffer effects: ON
Downsampling factor: 1/2
Native Texture LOD: OFF (I prefer OFF here)
Native Resolution TEXT_RECT: ON (Best to keep this on so text boxes, etc... render correctly)
Deinterlacing method: Bob (Just keep it as BOB)

I don’t know if the shaking happens more often when the emulator is lagging, but if it runs at its full performance with your computer’s V-Sync, maybe it is less. I have no idea. This just makes sure that the annoying bobbing effect never shows up, or is much more tolerable, because it could make some people motion sick. If it’s really that bad, just set it to weave. It’s better than getting motion sick and dealing with the annoying bobbing, anyway.