Mupen64PlusNext - C button labeling

So I noticed in the controls menu for Mupen that all the C buttons are just labeled C1, C2, C3, C4… Is there a particular reason they can’t be labeled CL, CR, CU, CD instead? Or maybe C <-, C ->, C ^, C v. It’s pretty confusing currently. I still don’t even remember which number corresponds to which direction. I have to figure it out again by trial and error every time I set up a new installation of RetroArch.


This seems like a fine request, yeah, and an odd choice to begin with. I’ll investigate.


Thanks a lot for looking into it.

Ok, I talked to the guy who maintains the core and he said it was just a legacy thing that he didn’t see any reason to change at the time. However, when I went to change it, I noticed that the core options that allow you to reassign them don’t really make sense if you get away from the generic 1/2/3/4 scheme.

I’m not sure those options make sense at all, though… I’ll talk some more with the maintainer.

I think the current scheme is a little bit confusing. The first time I used the core I was confused about the labels. Maybe this little change would be helpful for newcomers who want to try the core. Just my two cents. :wink: