My 1440p Sony PVM Night Overlays

Not been on here for a while, or even used Retroarch for 2 years - how time has flown. So much has changed since then, especially in the shaders part of Retroarch, and more specifically HSM’s awesome Bezel Reflection Shader. So I have created some overlays/backgrounds specifically for this shader. For now, I only have a few finished, but I have another 20 I am working on, with the aim to release a full package including the shader presets. These, for now, are 1440p only, this is the only display size I currently have, so no 4k, although I could do a 1080p set. Here are a few screenshots.

Hope to get enough finished to do a decent size upload, real soon. All comments welcome.


These look amazing! I love the lighting. :star_struck:

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Indeed, they look really good! Awesome work!

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I jumped the gun a bit too quick, and posted these too quickly. I now am using a beta shader and things look a lot more natural, and better lighting. Can’t show too much here, since the shader and newer Retroarch are not yet released, but will make sure when they are, I will have a whole pack to upload.
Here are just a few examples of some testing, including ambient lighting.

Bare Arcade Monitor