My DS Bezels (Overlays, 1080p, integer scaling off)

Hi all, first post here, though have spent a good chunk of the last month or so reading stuff here. Anyhow, I wanted a Nintendo DS overlay to fill the black areas of the screen when playing those games on my pc, while maximizing the individual screen sizes, so I wanted something without a gap between the top and bottom screens, and no bezels along the top or bottom edges. Now while I was able to just cut those spots out of the existing one that’s available, I wasn’t too happy with the way it looked, so I got to editing to try and make the full height cutout a little more aesthetically pleasing. I created 4 “core” versions using the standard top-and-bottom screen layout of the DS, and 1 game-specific bezel for the Top Trumps Doctor Who game, since that game uses the DS screens in a side-by-side layout. Also be aware that while these are implemented as overlays, they are purely aesthetic. I use a mouse and keyboard, or a controller on my pc, so I did not implement (nor do I know how to implement) the code required to make the onscreen buttons actually do anything.

The first is Mario and Luigi themed. It is available in 14 DS color variants.

Second one is Zelda themed, also available in 14 color variants.

The 3rd theme is a blue abstract in 14 colors.

The final top-and-bottom layout is a pink and purple abstract, also in 14 colors.

This last overlay is specific to the Top Trumps Doctor Who game, which required the player to hold their DS like a book, so the screens were arranged side by side. Note that the zip containing the png and cfg files also contains another zip that contains my .opt file for the game. It re-positions the screens into a side-by-side layout and rotates the mouse input on the touch screen. The file in that zip should be extracted to RetroArch’s DeSmuMe configuration folder ( for example, ‘\config\DeSmuME’ on Windows.).

Download links

Mario and Luigi theme: RetroArch Mario and Luigi DS Overlays (1080p, Integer-Scaling: Off)

Zelda theme: RetroArch Zelda DS Overlays (1080p, Integer-Scaling: Off)

Abstract Blue theme: RetroArch Abstract Blue 01 (1080p, Integer-Scaling: Off)

Abstract Pink and Purple theme: RetroArch Abstract Pink and Purple (1080p, Integer-Scaling: Off)

Top Trumps Doctor Who (Side-by-side) theme: RetroArch Top Trumps Doctor Who (1080p, side-by-side layout, Integer-Scaling: Off)

Hope these are useful to someone else, but I just found the lack of bezel options for the DS a bit disappointing, especially compared to other console systems, so I made these primarily for myself and my wife. I added the extra color options with the intention of releasing them in order to add a little extra variety to what’s available for the DS to the community.



Updated the Top Trumps Doctor Who zip to include the .cfg file to go along with the .opt file to make sure the screen is rotated.