My Panasonic CRT overlay for 1080p


Hey guys I attach one of my Panasonic Overlays, this one is very nice to use at night since there’s nothing to distract you from the screen.


Awesome !! Thanks !


thank you so much!


Very nice.


Very nice, thanks


Very good indeed, I’m already using it in my android retroarch.


This is awesome. Can someone walk me through how to get the gameplay video to match with the screen size?


Very very nice! Love the dark ambience. which shader are you using?



CRT lottes work perfectly, but you can also use GEOM :wink:



You just need to go to video settings and edit the “Custom Viewport” properties (all 4 of them) and play around to match the screen size :slight_smile:


What about something like that? :slight_smile: i take inspiration from various overlay artists.

I really love this curved tv, the flat one doesnt give me a retro feeling


exodus123456 You should send that to

There two artworks page there. They be happy to add that to


IMO, this is the best CRT overlay around. No extra distracting images around the TV plain and simple, just like the 21" TV I had in the 90s.

Thank you so very much!


Hello Exodus! What are the exact parametres of custom aspect ratio x/y pos & custom aspect ratio width & height in your panasonic overlay?


man pls download PSD file, wanna create stream overlay


That looks quite stunning, brilliant work.