My Realistic Arcade Bezels


Thank you. I try to improve them when I can. I feel I can always do better.


Here are some Neo Geo Arcade Bezels by request. Hope you like them.

You can download them here -


These NeoGeo Bezels are nice!


Here are 18 New Arcade Bezels. There are some new ones and some updates to older bezels.

You can download them here -


Here is part 21 of my Realistic Arcade Bezels for Mame.

You can download them here -


You are doing very well in the absence of other contributors! Thank you so very much! I was curious what your curvature settings are for your screen? Even with your cfg files, my screen always gets cut off. I have adjusted a few manually with the horiz and vert stretch in mame, but it seems like it’s not really getting it as clean of a border as your games look.


This is a small update on on the Dungeons & Dragon’s bezels. I wasn’t happy with them.

You can download them here -


Thank you so much for these! One problem I’m having is that the resolution of the games INSIDE the bezels are sometimes CUT OFF (around any or all sides…it’s like the actual game image needs to be a bit smaller to not be cropped by the artwork…that doesn’t make sense and I see no other examples of people having that issue…how do I fix this? Thank you again!

  • Brett


Have you tried using the sliders in the Tab menu? It let’s you adjust the screen size.


These are excellent! Is there a way to download all the bezels to date together, rather than all the individual packs?


I’m working on that. I’ve just been busy. Hopefully by tonight.


I’ve remade all the Donkey Kong bezels. These arcade bezels now feature more of the artwork. There’s also some new ones. Hope you like them.

You can download them here -


Amazing! I’ve seen the DKII, but what are the two games below that one? They look cool as well.


Thank you. Well like DKII they’re mods.


Here are all 21 parts of the main Arcade bezels I did in 2017. This doesn’t include the separate ones that had stand alone videos. I’ll include those at some point.


Do you have a zoom feature implemented in the .lay for all your games mate? as they look a bit oddly shaped some of them.


Mame has zoom in the Tab menu. Go to video options and then go to view. Change full to cropped. It doesn’t work for all games though. The vertical games in particular.


Have a problem with multiple screens that I’m looking for some help with.

I have an external monitor (projector) set up in Windows as monitor 2. When I run MAME games, they seem to load fine on monitor 2. When I load games with these bezels however, they revert to monitor 1.

How can I fix this? Is it something in the cfg files for these bezels? I noticed that in the cfg it has the following instruction:

I tried changing the screen index but that didn’t seem to help. Any input appreciated!


Also, where is the info re the shaders stored in your files? I didn’t see it in the .cfg or the .lay file. Keen to change some of the HLSL settings. Thanks!


I have some pretty decent shaders i could get you the settings.