My Realistic Arcade Bezels


These Arcade Bezels were tested on Windows 10 with Mame64 at 1920x1080.

You can download them here -

These Bezels were inspired by John Merrit’s realistic Arcade Bezels.

Thanks to the many team members who have contributed to MAME Artwork -

Understanding MAME overlay config to port them to Libretro config

Great work. Very comfy


Thanks Friend! I’m trying to make ones that haven’t yet been made or in some cases creating ones that never existed. Glad you like them!


Awesome work Orion! :slight_smile:


Thank you! Working on some more. :blush:


I made 11 more Realistic Arcade Bezels.

You can download them here -


These are awesome! Does anybody know if these can be used in rocketlauncher as well?


I’m not sure. That’s interesting. Anyone is welcome to try.


It’s disappointing as I do research on Arcade bezels and see just how many classic games had no bezel artwork. I could make them up, but I mostly prefer authenticity.


I made 12 more Realistic Arcade Bezels.

You can download them here -


Beautiful work Orion! As always :slight_smile: What do you think about updating your first post with all the packs you make? No need to be one link being constantly updated, but a list of each pack link you release. Top work!


Impressive, but why is there vaseline smeared over the monitor. No way to remove that effect?


It supposed to have a worn out old dirty look. That’s the point. There’s other bezel makers who make clean bezels. You can download those if you like. I just prefer this look more. It’s nostalgic to me. That’s how the monitors looked in the seedy privately own Arcade rooms I used to go to as a kid. I could make clean screens but that would defeat the purpose.


Here ya go,

I'm looking for something as this shader

BTW there is no official bezel for OS Man. I created it from a flyer. :slight_smile:


Great stuff! I started to split your artwork into “Clear Screen” and “Scratch Screen” views here:

Aliens and Rastan were the first two. I hope that attribution is appropriate. Many thanks for this.


I love them! You save me the trouble. Thanks, I appreciate it. I have 20 more realistic bezels coming.


Here are 20 more Realistic Arcade Bezels.

You can download them here -


Awesome stuff Orion! Quick question; how do you decide in which games you use the one next to the other arcades bg, and the arcades far in the back bg?


Thank you. It depends. It’s what ever looks right to me. I usually try to match the actual Arcade machine but sometimes I don’t and just put what looks best for the bezel.